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Our company Delta Trees Ltd. cooperates with the largest companies in the production and distribution of garden accessories. There is the possibility of information and advice from experienced landscape architects, agronomists, for better, faster service, for every loading and delivery, but also placement of elaborate works of art in your garden. The accessories are packed, loaded, tied with special straps with maximum care in the best possible way for safer, better quality without abrasions and bumps transport to your space in their final position.

Marathon Stone SA
Marathon Stone SA is the leading manufacturer of composite stone products in Greece and one of the most dynamic presences in Europe. The purpose of the company is to create products of high quality and aesthetics, using modern materials and innovative techniques. The company was started in 1998 as a sole proprietorship by sculptor Chris Solomis. Our company Nurseries-Plants Delta / Delta - Trees, works closely with Marathon Stone SA at the disposal of its products.

Our company Delta Trees Ltd. sells natural stone products from privately owned plots. Stones that offer to the earth canvas, beauty, special shapes, with elegant holes, for constructions varied with fountains, waterfalls, lawns, rock gardens.