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In our nurseries you can see a large collection of exemplary trees, which are the fruit of our cultivation. Planes, mulberries, poplars, weeping willows, prunes, olives, and many other large plants ready to be placed in your garden. A selection of rare trees that we have taken care of to ensure the quality and safety of their transplant in your garden. Ideal for creating separate green spaces, in homes, hotels, parks and gardens.

In privately owned areas over 30,000 sq.m. in Lessini, Etoloakarnania, there are ornamental trees in a productive process. Trees of particularly large growth such as mulberries (morus), plane trees (platanus), willows (salix), prunus (prunus), poplars (populous), arias (quercus), olives (olea europaea), locusts (ceratonia siliqua), logs (cercis) siliguastrum), laurels (laurus nobilis), maples (acer) and other ornamental, in the wider area of ​​Lesini, Etoloakarnaniania.