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Cercis siliquastrum

It is commonly known as redbud or Judas tree. Its height is around 4-6 meters and comes from the Middle East. The trunk is often curved very sinuous and divided fairly close to the ground in thick branches irregularly shaped. Also, its skin is black and presents cracks. Most young twigs are dark red. The diameter of the crown is 3 to 4.5m wide and the blue-green leaves are heart or kidney-shaped. The foliage is thick and the branches stand out clearly. The flowers which open in May, before the leaves, are in pink color. They have a length of 0.5-1m and are joined in small groups. Opened in May directly from the branches before the leaves appear. The flowering is abundant. Cercis siliquastrum grows well in all Mediterranean countries. It is planted in October or March-April in all the territories of the garden but prefers the sunny, sandy or chalky ones.

In our nurseries are thousands redbud trees with trunk circumference of 0.25 to 0.70 meters.