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There are various species included in this genus of resistant and deciduous trees originated in the mild-hot zones of the northern hemisphere. Generally, there are two kinds: Black Morea (Morus nigra) and White Morea (Morus Alba). The mulberry tree flourishes in well drained, deep, fertile soils, but fresh and rich in salts. There are even varieties that do not produce any fruit (sterile) and used exclusively for ornamental purposes in the streets, parks. Tree ideal for shade on lawn and parking. The type Platanifolia is kind of fruitless mulberry tree and is used solely for ornamental purposes. Her name Platanofylli Mulberry (Morus Platanifolia) comes from the fact that the leaves resemble those of the plane tree.

In our nurseries are thousands of Mulberries broadleaf plants (Morus Platifolia) and Mulberries Platanofylles (Morus Platanifolia) with trunk circumference of 0.25 cm to 0.70 cm.