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The genus includes about 10 species of large and long-lived, deciduous tree, reaching a height 50m.Echoun bulky trunk usually branches a few meters above the ground and majestic "crown" which is based on very robust primary arms. The tree is highly valued as a decorative kind thanks to the large and impressive "crown" of. Easily pruned and planted in parks or along highways.

Species and varieties
Platanos X sfendamnofyllos (platanus x acerifolia - platanus x hispanica)
Platanos Western (platanus occidentalis).
The eastern plane tree (platanus orientalis)

The tree is a tree with relatively few demands and thrives in all soil types. But prefers fertile, deep and moist soil that does not retain water as on the banks of rivers or streams.

Our nurseries are thousands of plants with trunk girth of 0.25 to 1,00 meter. And the height is from 6.00 to 8.00 meters.