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Ornamental plum - Prunus Pisardii Nigra

He comes from North America. Deciduous tree with characteristic dark red foliage, very decorative. Resistant to cold, drought and air pollution. Because red foliage creates beautiful contrast when planted in turf.
It is tree that can reach a height of 10 m. It is grown for ornamental flowers and beautiful foliage. It grows in full sun, in moderately moist soils. No specific requirements of land. It grows even in dry soils. It has a high resistance to drought and pollution. Very decorative coloring of foliage and abundant flowering, used as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks and small, like a bush in groups or in mixed hedges. Interesting for use in urban green especially for street trees, even in tight spaces.

In our nurseries are hundreds prounoi with trunk circumference of 0.16 to 0.30 meters.