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Pomegranate tree is one of the most beautiful fruit trees and is mainly used in landscape architecture. It belongs to the Punicaceae family. Its height can reach up to 5 meters, whilst the diameter of its crown is 2-3 meters. Its flowering begins in July-May, and it is particularly an impressive tree due to its orange and red color. As a deciduous tree, its leaves fall in winter, after turning from green to yellow. Its impressive fruits, which are considered to be superfoods, mature during autumn. The most important varieties in the Greek market are Wonderful and Hermioni. It is a very strong tree, as it does not need much watering and thrives in all types of soil, with one exception, of clay. It is mostly found in flower beds, fences along with bushes, such as firethorn and forsythia, at building entrances, but also gardens with lawn, consisting an impressive contrast.