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Washingtonia fan palm
These trees are among the most beautiful of the family of Palm. They are suitable for garden decoration and highways in areas with a mild climate which is quite resistant to cold and even manage to flower. We produce palm kind Ousigktonia, Gouasiktonia, Vasiktonia, Pitsardia, Phoenix fan. Large palm species with rapid growth. Palamoschidi has green leaves with spiny stems and hairy edges. The shaft does not have bristles. It grows in dry soils and full sun. It requires protection from frost. Plant alone or in rows. Suitable for coastal planting. In production on private land, both in the region Lesini area Aitoloakarnania / ment and in Prince Aitoloakarnania / ment.

Species and varieties
Pitsardia - Ouasigktonia - Vasigktonia the nimatoforos (Washingtonia filifera California fan palm).
Pitsardia - Ouasigktonia - Vasigktonia the powerful (Washingtonia robusta - Mexican fan palm).
Pitsardia - Ouasigktonia - Vasigktonia the ivridiki (Washingtonia filibusta-hybrido).

In our nurseries there are thousands of amazing trees and three species from 2.00 to 6.00 log steps.