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The company NURSERIES DELTA - DELTA TREES LTD is the continuous promotion of innovative services and integrated solutions to urban and suburban market of plants, and the creation of new business fields of action concerning the organizational structure of production and distribution industry with large plants and trees development. The foundation supporting the company is the extensive experience and expertise in innovative research and solutions, to develop improved product quality and streamline plant disposal procedures.

Mission of the company is the complete satisfaction of its customers. The company NURSERIES PLANTS-DELTA - DELTA TREES LTD complies strictly with the time and cost margins in the procurement and the execution of its projects, while maintaining high quality standards which it sets.
Supply or plan with our partners for your environment, aesthetic solutions, quality plants, impeccable functional application and guarantee a perfect result.
We offer solutions that significantly improve the cost and cost-effectiveness.

Years of continuous creation

1996 sm

In 1996 the company started its production activities in the cultivation of palm trees at Vasilopoulo/Aitoloakarnanias.
In 2003 extends the production of ornamental trees particularly high growth as mulberry trees, willows, prounous, poplars, oaks, olive trees, carob trees, koutsoupies, laurels, maples and other plants, in the region Lesini area.
In 2006 expands production as palm palm Canarian, pitsardia or ouasigktonia, chamairopas choumilis or chamairopas exelsa, ogress intiviza again in Lesini area Req / ment.
In 2008, out of production and commercial activity and partnerships with large foreign firms, invest in transplant centenarians even chiliochronon rare olive trees. The cut transplantation unloading and transport of these trees require specific techniques which require high expertise and great experience.

pic etaireia 1Today, the company PLANTS-NURSERIES DELTA - DELTA TREES Ltd. increases its production and business activities through the creation and operation of exhibition - warehouses in Afidnes area and specifically near Afidnes toll (Kiourka) in the Old National Road Athens-Lamia (28o Km National Road Athens-Lamia), aiming to offer integrated solutions to: landscape architects, green manufacturers, agriculturists, gardeners, private, public, solutions that are distinguished by low prices, quality, speed of service and aesthetics.